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Getting Help WINZ QuotesYou may be eligible to financial assistance from WINZ for dental treatment, give us a call on
09 489 7574 to discuss how to apply.
ACC ProvidersACC may be able to help you cover some of your costs if you need dental treatment because of
an accident.
ACC can help you:
  • No matter what you were doing when you got injured – driving, playing sport, at work or even doing a little
    DIY at home
  • Whether it was someone else’s actions or something you did to contribute to your injury
  • No matter how old you are or whether you are working or not, for example whether you are retired or still studying

Contact us on 09 489 7574 to discuss if you may be eligible to apply for a WINZ grant or ACC approval.

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healthy teeth and gums
and keep your mouth
healthy and fresh.

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