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White Fillings White composite fillings are used to repair teeth decay and cracks; we can also use them to fix gaps, discoloured or broken teeth and sometimes even crooked teeth. Advantages of white fillings
  • Composite fillings restore most of the original strength of the tooth, since they bond to the tooth. Silver weakens the teeth, making them more prone to breaking. Since broken teeth are very expensive to restore, composites can save a lot of expense over the long run.
  • Composite fillings restore the natural appearance of the tooth.
  • If correct techniques are used, teeth restored with white fillings are less sensitive to hot and cold than teeth restored with amalgam.
  • Composites are mercury-free.
  • Composites require less removal of tooth structure. Especially with new cavities, the size of the hole prepared for the filling can be dramatically smaller with composites.
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white fillings
Omar, Thank you so much for the lovely Veneers you fitted, they have given me new lease for life.
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